PStreams - Download

PStreams is free software, released under the Boost Software License - Version 1.0 (prior to version 1.0.1 it used the GNU LGPL).

Latest release is 1.0.1

PStreams is available via the system package manager in Fedora (pstreams-devel), openSUSE (pstreams-devel), Debian and Ubuntu (libpstreams-dev), Gentoo (dev-cpp/pstreams) and other GNU/Linux distributions, and is included in most BSD ports collections.

The releases below consist of a gzipped tar archive which includes the PStreams headers and associated files. Documentation can be automatically generated from the headers using Doxygen but pre-generated HTML docs are available in a separate archive for users who don't have Doxygen installed. The README and ChangeLog files are included in the main archive.

Current development branch

Based on the latest sources at the time of release. (complete ChangeLog)

(2017/2/2) Release 1.0.1
(2016/12/1) Release 1.0.0
(2014/2/7) Release 0.8.1
(2013/3/29) Release 0.8.0
(2010/5/12) Release 0.7.0 (beta)
(2008/7/9) Release 0.6.0 (beta)
(2005/6/11) Release 0.5.2 (beta):
(2004/10/17) Release 0.5.0 (beta):
(2004/04/30) Release 0.48 (beta):
(2002/12/03) Release 0.42 (beta):
(2002/09/22) Release 0.40 (beta):
(2002/08/27) Release 0.38 (alpha):
(2002/08/27) Release 0.37 (alpha):
(2002/07/24) Release 0.35 (alpha):
(2002/04/26) Release init-sf (alpha):



The PStreams source code is hosted in a git repository at SourceForge, see the instructions on the SourceForge project page, which basically amount to typing:

  git clone git:// pstreams  

You can also browse the git repository online.

There is an R library that wraps PStreams, see


Old popen()-based branch

Releases on this branch are numbered 0.17.x where x increases for each release, because it was branched off from release 0.17. These versions are implemented using popen(), and so the classes use a FILE* internally, where the new implementation uses file descriptors. This restricts the PStreams classes to one-way I/O. This branch is not being very actively developed, so might only be updated with bugfixes.

(2002/08/27) Release 0.17.1 (beta): pstreams-0.17.1.tar.gz - pstreams-0.17.1-docs.tar.gz
(2002/04/26) Release 0.17 (alpha): pstreams-0.17.tar.gz - pstreams-0.17-docs.tar.gz


Backward-compatible version for older compilers

The backward-compatible (non-standard, unsupported, maybe don't even work) PStreams classes are in the file pstream_compat.h. This is a fairly pointless release, as it probably only works with old versions of GCC, which have the very similar pfstream classes anyway.